How To increase Your Acceptance By An Affiliate Network

Let Me Share With You Some In-side Tips That You Can Put In Place How to increase you accepted by an affiliate network.

Let’s face it. You can’t guarantee to get your application to join an affiliate network approved, but what you can do is prepare in advance and establish your self as someone who even though you’re a newbie to the marketing world, networks will see you’re making the necessary effort to becoming a Pro.

So why are these tips so important?

I have applied for many top affiliate networks that I got approved to work with, and they all have certain criteria that you need to have in place to even submit an application.

Here are some of the main ones to consider.

 It’s good practice for a marketer to have their own website/blog.

You might never think you could have your own blog, but its time to create one if you haven’t created one already. As an online Marketer, it’s a must to have your own online presence? (read my post here on using a WordPress website)

You can get started easily with a free (1 click install) WordPress website hosted by Bluehost or SiteGround.

8/10 times you will be asked to enter your website address (URL) in your application process.

Serious about being an Entrepreneur? Why not treat it as a Business.

If your serious about being an Entrepreneur and becoming financially independent, becoming a business owner is the way to go. Most companies ( affiliate networks, suppliers, traffic sources etc ) won’t even deal with you if you approach them as just an individual.

Although you can still get approved by some networks if your not a legal entity.

IT’s good practice keep your business and personal income & expenses separate.

Also when that sweet ca$h start rolling in taxes need to be paid, that’s when it all makes sense (think long-term).

TIP. Surround yourself and get familiar with top people in the marketing industry to learn from and keep you inspired. Top marketers that affiliate networks know and respect. (I recommend Charles Ngo) 

They can sometimes recommend you, also increasing your chances of approval to some of the best networks, let’s say as their students.

A Few Newbie Friendly Networks Are:

Mobidea ( Mobidea Has A Great Academy For Affiliates To Learn All About the Marketing Industry. (Go to Mobidea learning academy here)

Peerfly Is Another Network Who Has Lots Of Newbie Friendly Offers To Get You Started. join Here

Know the Industry terms

Try to Know the terms used in the affiliate marketing industry. When applying to affiliate networks you will often go through an interview on skype with affiliate managers ( Create a free Skype account ) before your application is approved.

know what you’re talking about. If you don’t know the terms to use when answering questions, they will assume you really didn’t put much effort into trying to learn about the industry. (  I recommend downloading Charles Ngo’s Free PDF on Ultimate Guide to affiliate marketing from his blog )

Try to figure out what type of traffic you would first want to get started with, Also which verticals and Geo’s that interest you.

Sign up with a few traffic sources beforehand

When submitting your application, the affiliate networks will want to know this information about your traffic. Sign up with a few traffic sources beforehand to familiarize yourself with.

I started with Pop traffic (Popcash & Popads) It’s easy to get registered and the minimum deposit is $5- $10 to buy some pop traffic.



As a newbie to affiliate marketing, I didn’t know much. It was a small sum to deposit to see how Pop traffic worked. I Earn my first few Dollars that way. (you should have seen me jumping around)

Finally, try to know your stuff. When applying to an affiliate network be honest about your experience In the affiliate marketing industry.
Prepare to answer a lot of these questions. If you’re a newbie, let them known all the other positive things you been doing.


  • where do you get your traffic and how many volumes do you run a month (traffic Networks)
  • what affiliate forums are you a member of (I recommend STM forum & )
  • which other affiliate network has approved your application
  • who recommended you to their network
  • what monthly Budget do you have available for media buying (buy traffic)
  • what tracker do you use (I use Voluum)
  • what geo’s do you mostly send your traffic (ie. Asia, Europe, Africa)
  • what offers are you interested in running (lead gen, sweeps, app installs etc)

Do your research on the network your applying for. Let them know why you like their network and want to work with them.

Ask questions like :


  • what are the main verticals that are available on your network
  • how regularly is your network schedule payments
  • does your network provide pre- landers with the offers
  • does your network have a blog
  • what traffic source works best on your network

Have your own questions on hand for the affiliate manager to spark an interest in you. This is will increase your chances and make you seem knowledgeable as a Newbie.

Try to cover all you can before applying to any network, some are harder than some to get approved. Preparation is the key to get approved.

I Hope you found some value in this Post. Let me know if you have any tips to share or you might have a few questions.

A self-motivated Entrepreneur and digital marketer.