How the Power Lead System Automates Your Business.


How the Power Lead System automates Your Business.

Ok, let’s dive right in shall we…

Let’s assume that you have a business or you have a product you want to promote online.

You need to find an affordable and reliable Email Marketing Solution.

The Power lead system automates your efforts by collecting the contact details of your ideal customers (ie. email address ) that are interested in what you got to offer. With all these contact details in the Power lead system, you can now send out regular emails to the same customers to offer future upcoming promotions & tips ( product or service ).

There are many email marketing solution on the market to choose from, which all carries different feature, Pros, and Cons. At the end of the day, It all depends on what your needs are and what you can afford. ( monthly payments ) Ultimately the purpose of investing in services like these remains the same.

Every business online needs an email marketing solution.

The PLS Monthly cost is affordable, and it gives you access to a range of marketing tools such as Landing pages, Pre-written emails, affiliate programme, weekly training the list goes on.

This is what makes the system so amazing.

The PLS System Cost: $ 30/per mth for a full Membership Access.

But it also comes with an amazing affiliate program for an extra $23.97/per mth.

That’s a total of $53.97.

This enables Members to build an online business and Earn weekly Income.

 Commissions Pay-outs Varies from- $6/$100/$400/$1000 and $20 Residual Monthly Income.


The System offers so many NEWBIE friendly Features and Training to help you Start or Grow an online Business.

If you’re low on budget, the Power lead system offers a FREE for life Version ( read my previous post here! ) . just enter your detail on the capture page and look out for the link in your inbox.

The Power lead system comes with a Free 7 days trial for you to access the System to see what It can do for your business.

power lead system

If you are new to the world of Digital Marketing ie. Sending emails, using an autoresponder, setting up landing pages, setting up domains ( your own website ).

The weekly Thursday Marketing training is where it all goes down.

free internet marketing training

Did I Mention there is Private Facebook Group for the Power Lead System members?  Increase your knowledge by Networking with like-minded DIGITAL MARKETERS.

powwr lead system facebook group

Watch this short Video for more information on this amazing System.



With a ( NO COST ) 7days Free trial to have Acess to the System. It’s a NO BRAINER.

It’s Easy & Simple to gain access!


# Step 1 – create your free account by entering your name & valid email address.

create an account

# step 2- choose a username of your choice. tick the referral box, then press continue.

choose a username

# step 3- fill in your name & address ( billing info ). notice there is nothing to pay $0.00 for your free trial.

billing information

Congratulation!  you’ve made it this far. It’s that simple to register for a free trial and Access this Amazing  Power lead system to see if this could work for you in your business.

Please Reach-out if you have any questions regarding the Powerleadsystem.


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